Restructured Revival

About Restructured Revival

Don’t you wish you could just live in the past? Go back to the good old days where everything was simpler and problems were smaller? Maybe to the comfort of your childhood home, or to an earlier time you’ve only been told of?

Going back to those ideal days, sadly, is not possible, but bringing pieces of them back to life is.

At Restructured, we take old buildings that are full of history, but that have outlived their original purpose, and dismantle them. Saving everything, we revive their parts into new forms, to keep their stories alive. Each product we make is a seasoned piece of the past, with its own story that we are proud to pass on. We call this our Storied Building Material Revival.

Check out our General Store to see the pieces we are making now, or Contact Us if you have an idea for a custom piece we can make for you.