Butcher Block Countertops

Restructured Revival

When dismantling an old building, we end up with huge piles of lumber of all dimensions, species, and grain directions. Some boards lend better to certain applications than others. Our butcher-block countertop slabs are pieced together from millings of the best boards we come across. Quarter-sawn grain and the brightest colored longleaf pine available are the criteria for our butcher-block countertops. Sealed with only a natural mineral oil, you won’t be touching a urethane sealer when you feel your countertops; you will be touching the actual wood itself.

Slabbed up in the standard 26” depth, we will cut to your spec or sell in rough lengths for your fitting onsite. Custom widths, and local installation are available upon request.

$ 85.00

Price per square foot

for purchasing and installation information.

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